Are You a Busy, Or Productive Manager? | Management .

After over 20 years in the retail management space, I can tell you this. Sometimes management is great, and sometimes it's not. To be honest, quite often it's not - here's why.

In general, managers are juggling the burden of an excessive workload. And even if they don't completely understand it, the hardest part for our overworked friends comes at the days end when there's no productive work to show. Yes, the admin, emails and customer enquiries were handled, but anything productive didn't get the chance.

So what's productive work? I'm talking about the work that further engaged your staff in the mission, or the work that impacted your business for the better, even if it was only a small step forward.

When the opportunity to complete work as such is non-existent, it's a clear sign that you're busy rather than productive. In this case, here are some questions to ask yourself.

What can I lose from my schedule?

What can I let go of and not worry about?

What is the work that will take the business forward?

Who can help me achieve this work?

Working as a manager should be a challenge, but it shouldn't be a strain holding you back from your best work.

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Lorri Dangerfield - Instore Security.

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