Balancing Visual Appeal & Security | Retail.

Theft is unfortunately still a major problem for retail businesses and limiting the amount of stolen inventory is critical. But with the trend of visual merchandisers being thrown the task of loss prevention as well, we risk diluting the balance between loss prevention and visual appeal.

On one side, adequate loss prevention is vital in retaining stock, but without the right guidance, loss prevention can impede on the customers buying experience. If we go the other way, our inventory is at risk of being easily stolen - yes, it's great to increase sales, but not if money is falling out the back-end just as quick!

With this in mind, it's important that our visual merchandisers or loss prevention managers alike receive honest guidance. People will always want to pick up and feel items before they buy. However, helping brands secure their stock has never been a more exciting role, as the essential balance of visual appeal and theft prevention has never been more achievable. Not only is the latest technology easy for staff to use, but it's also never been harder for criminals to steal valuable inventory given the right loss prevention systems are in place.

The 3D counting system we have rolled out can not only measure and report instantly on your most vital store metrics, but it can now determine why specific products aren't selling. We can even identify why certain pockets of your store aren't getting any foot-traffic with advanced heat maps - the future is here people!

Even the electronic displays are minimalistic, super secure and straightforward to use.

We've always known that Loss Prevention is the best way for a brand to make a positive impact on its bottom line. Now that visually appealing and secure loss prevention measurements are so accessible we can't help but not be excited for retail businesses. 

With the right loss prevention measures in place, there is now no excuse for brands to be losing on missing inventory, and what they display should look great while they are at it!

If you would like to discuss loss prevention, I'm always happy to hear about what you want to achieve. In return, I'll show you how we can do it. 

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