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With Victoria police openly stating their concerns around counterfeit money, it's no surprise that businesses are feeling the impact on their bottom line.

Organised criminals are fine-tuning the art, with fake notes steadily becoming harder to detect. And although there are many ways in which you can detect fake money, it's often without 100% accuracy, especially in the heat of a busy transaction and when left up to manual detection methods.

As of late, we've had a surge in popularity towards our automatic counterfeit money detector. The fully automated device is the only machine approved and tested by the RBA with outstanding results.

Counterfeit Money Detection Australia

The small device easily sits out of sight and makes scanning suspicious notes straightforward and discrete. Employees can often be overwhelmed at the point of sale, so having an automated device as such available will ensure no monopoly money lands in the till...

The device at a glance:

  • Eliminates the need to inspect notes visually. (no human error)
  • Recognises 4-6 different currencies at the same time.
  • Instantly detects a counterfeit note. (Sound/Display)
  • Designed for Portable usage.
  • Inbuilt money counter.

With the recent surge in counterfeit money in Australia, this reliable, easy to use device will save brands big time going forward.

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Mark Green - Instore Security "here's to no more counterfeit notes" 

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