Engaging Your Staff in Loss Prevention | Loss Prevention Management.

As a Loss Prevention Manager, you're serious about minimising stock shrinkage as the costs to a businesses bottom line are substantial. On top of this, retail-theft is becoming ever more prevalent - your job is vital!

Unfortunately, often employees such as young Billy, all sixteen years of him aren't necessarily on board with the idea of loss prevention. Whether it be his casual staff status or just his casual demeanour...often staff like Billy won't be privy to the criminal activity going on all around him.

Now obviously our somewhat 'gripping story' about young Billy is a serious generalisation, but it's common knowledge that often our staff aren't entirely up to speed with the Loss Prevention measures in place all around them.

It's a challenge every Loss Prevention Manager faces, no matter how big of a company they work for.

We deal with Loss Prevention Managers daily, so here's how you can further ensure your staff are across the loss prevention measures you have in action - this is CRUCIAL going into the holiday season.

Actively demonstrate the procedures and devices in place.

Often, engaging staff in a demonstration of your tags, or even showing them how the counterfeit money detector works (even if they'll never use it) plants the loss prevention seed. Seeing the measures in place around the store will gently wake them up to the issue, with a solid understanding to go. In addition, the employee will feel more included as they learn one of the more intricate systems within your stores' operations, how very inclusive of you.

While demonstrating the procedure or device, explain it's 'WHY' anecdotally.

Knowing about the product is one thing, but an emotive story behind why the device or procedure is in place sticks. A Grip-Lock deters criminals who take part in cut & run theft - talk about the risk to staff and how the Grip-Lock keeps them safe. Or what about how the auto-entry gate, that's hardly noticed regulates traffic flow in and out of the store - it's not so unnecessary after-all young Billy!

Go one further - Teach the vital signs.

Take the time to teach your staff how to identify the signs of retail-theft and set achievable loss preventions targets. While being a security guard isn't their entire job, you'd be surprised at how valuable a team is that can deter criminal activity are.

The technological measure's available that reduce retail shrinkage are amazing in 2017, but still, staff are the most significant key to minimising walk-about stock!

Is your store prepared for retails Chrismas Grinch? (shrinkage)

Get in touch here to work out exactly what you need to be on top of.

- Instore Team.

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