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The design of a stores layout alone can directly determine the success rate of asset protection. Here's a guide to laying out a store with theft minimisation in mind.

An engaged team equipped with the right technology is key to minimising shrinkage. However, it's also essential that retail stores don't fail to factor in asset protection throughout the store's actual layout. A thoughtfully designed layout minimises the risk of harm to staff, limits shrinkage and of course, maximises sales. We need to remember that potential criminals are always evaluating the pros and cons of a situation, and the right store layout can make it difficult for them to steal.

Designing for store aesthetics is important, but planning for both looks and security has never been more achievable. Here are three points to consider when creating a beautiful, yet secure store layout. 

1. The Design 

Planning a layout is a step we all take seriously, it's quite an enjoyable process as well. But before we get too caught up in the latest designs, and what Apple is doing... let's keep it simple. We need to make sure the store has minimal blind spots, and that it's designed to avoid the centralisation of staff. A great layout invites your team to spread throughout the store, giving the customer a strong sense of presence. The customer will feel they can receive help when they need it, and not have to search to find an employee. And importantly, the average criminal will always feel a set of eyes on their every move.

2. Product Positioning

Assets positioning is a massive factor in a criminals decision to strike or move on. We know that touching and feeling products is an enormous part of the customers buying experience, so positioning these items is a delicate balance. Keeping the 'hottest' products out in the open, visible to everyone is a simple solution. As part of your free-flowing store layout (with no blind spots) put the regularly touched items in the most visible section of your store. In saying that, this isn't possible without the right fixtures & displays to demonstrate your stock...

3. Fixtures & Displays. 

Lastly, we must consider stock presentation. In 2018, the fixtures we use are far more than a mere asset protection measure. They're an integral part of a store's layout, design and customer experience. Assets need to be secure, but they can't be locked down, untouchable by outdated bulky fixtures. Luckily modern fixtures and displays are now secure and aesthetically pleasing in design. The way stock is displayed can easily be the difference between a sale and a customer walking out. On the other hand, it's also the difference between a thief stealing a product or moving on. 

We have a range of affordable, yet stunning designs on offer with our new Astro-Pod range. I'm more than happy to give them a quick plug here because they come up so well on display, and they're the most secure fixing I've ever seen. You can check them out when you're done with this here. 

Lastly, before we move on, I'd like to share with you a new product we have launched that's changing the way retail operations gather store metrics. Our 3D Counter System is a revolutionary new way to optimise store productivity, layout and collect the critical numbers of your store, instantly.  You can learn more about the technology behind this system by clicking here. 

Anyway, thanks for reading - I hope you took away some valuable insights about asset protection and store layout. I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below. 

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