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The Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have landed and prospective thieves are ready to capitalise. With cut and run theft on the rise, thieves are finding it easy to steal these expensive devices.

At instore, we've seen a trend in retailers moving away from traditional alarmed tethered display options, into far more secure yet interactive displays for high-end electronic merchandise such as smartphones and tablets.

The grip lock display pod is the latest in loss prevention technology for displayed electronic devices - with its all-metal design providing the highest level of anti-cut & run security on the market.

This sleek minimalistic design of clamp protection still offers customers the desired level of interaction, providing a complete 180-degree rotation to view all smart device features in portrait or landscape orientation.

The Grip Locks intelligent electronic key system allows staff the ability to release any device in a matter of seconds. The key itself tracks its every action, keeping employees accountable and can be activated/deactivated remotely.

“Case Study” –  Telstra Retail Outlet

Grip Locks latest success story was at a Telstra store outlet who were having issues with after-hour break-ins. The brief was a sleek state of the art,  yet secure interactive display that staff could quickly release for after-hour storage. After constant theft problems for the past six months, Grip lock solved a significant theft issue.

With cut & run theft becoming an ever-present occurrence, the Grip-Lock system has proven to be an attractive solution to the issue, while providing a greater ROI than other lock-down displays on the market.

If you'd like to learn more about the Grip-Lock system and how it will aid your business - you can get in touch with Mark Green directly here. 

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