Loss Prevention in Australia.

To the unknown battlers tackling this HUGE pain in Australian retails back-side, we salute you!

Over Christmas alone in 2016, our economy was literally robbed of 1.6 billion dollars, according to the Australian Retailers Association.

On average, retail shrinkage is costing Australian families $420 per year!

Maximising loss-prevention for Aussie retailers is our mission. In collaboration with local & international manufacturers, we help implement the latest, most effective measures against retail shrinkage and loss prevention.

We've worked with big brands such as The Good Guys, JB Hi Fi, Officeworks, Nike, Spotlight/Anaconda etc to implement high tech tagging and display solutions, but also love devoting the same amount of passion to small independent retailers with our diverse product range. 

Theft may be on the rise, but so are the technologies and methods curbing criminal activity.

If you'd like to learn more about the technology available for loss prevention, or if you're in need of an immediate shrinkage solution, get in touch with us here for more information - or feel free to simply browse our site :) 

Let's make loss prevention simple!

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