Security 101: retail security made simple

Retail theft "aka shrinkage" is comprised of shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud, and administrative errors.

The Australian Retail Theft Facts.


Average loss of turnover from all Australian Retailers


Cost of shrinkage to Australian retailers per year


Retail theft derived from

Hot ticket items most commonly shoplifted in Australia:

  • iPhones / Smartphones
  • Technology Accessories
  • Batteries
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Razor Blades
  • Cosmetics
  • Denim
  • Handbags
  • Perfumes
  • Infant Formula

Industries most affected by shoplifting

1.   Apparel and Fashion Accessories

2.  DIY Home Improvement

3.  Electronics

4.  Food and Beverage

5.  Health and Beauty

How can you keep profits in your pockets?

  • Train staff to know how to deter would be shoplifters

  • Implement an accurate inventory management system

  • Introduce anti theft products to secure your stock. See how.

  • Control customer traffic flow. See how.

  • Understanding periods of high traffic flow in store. See how.

Instore has the widest range of anti-theft products to secure your stock


This type of technology is commonly seen in retail stores. It involves placing a label or tag on a product, and having security pedestals at the front entrance/exit of a store. In the event of a potential theft, any tag or label passed through these pedestals will sound an audible alarm, alerting staff that a product has left the store with a tag or label still attached to it. EAS is highly effective as customers can freely roam a store with a product in hand, allowing retailers to display more stock thus increasing sales opportunities.

EAS technology is available in 2 types of frequencies

AM Frequencies

  •  Highly effective for stores with wide entrances

  •  Can utilise the smallest tags and labels

  •  Strong detection zones

RF Frequencies

  •  Cost effective solution

  •  Great for retailers requiring paper thin labels for tagging merchandise

Interactive Security Displays

Most commonly used in the electronics department whereby there is one product item on display for customer interaction. An interactive or fixed security display needs to balance aesthetics, functionality, user experience and security. Most importantly showcasing the product whilst providing secure protection.

Instore creates custom solutions for eletronic merchandise to achieve this balance.

Customer Traffic Flow

Entry and Exit gates are an effective measure to reduce shrinkage, allowing stores greater control in how customers can exit stores. Ultimately deterring would be shoplifters.

Understanding Peak Periods

One of the biggest tools in theft prevention is customer service, imperative to this is ensuring stores have visibility on peak foot traffic periods. Customer counters are a successful way to recognise peak periods and staff accordingly.

Why use instore?

  • Spotlight

    “We use Instore for our EAS security system and tag solutions, as well as fitting out stores with auto entry/exit gates to help control customer traffic flow. Instore provide us with a wide range of options to suit our varying product range and have helped significantly cut our shrinkage in previous high theft areas. We have found Instore’s customer service exceptional and their professional advice in finding solutions to fit our specific needs invaluable."

    Spotlight Retail Group - Risk/Loss Prevention Team Leader

  • Oakley

    “After years using one of the larger retail security companies we switched to Instore, and instantly saved costs on all of our security tag, system and service charges. The Instore team are friendly and provide an honest service that is always reliable.”

    Oakley - Store and Business Development Manager

  • Good Guys

    "Having worked in loss prevention for 18 years, I found Instore’s ability to source a solution for any type of product unbeatable. Instore always provided cost savings and their service standards are always outstanding."

    Andrew Dangerfield - 13 Years Loss Prevention Manager, The Good Guys

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