Overcoming The Numbers Burden | Data.

People love statistics, but unfortunately, and understandably, people hate collating them - generating store-metric reports is often a thorn in managements back-side, unbeknown to their boss who wants to see the 'simple' stats every week...

On top of this, often the numbers do not always paint a clear picture of how a given store is performing, measuring irrelevant, easily skewed KPI's. Store-metrics have been serving managers and businesses owners alike sleepless nights for a long time now, but fortunately, the industry is changing for the better. 

The key to smashing store-metrics lies within the owner/managers relationship, or the equivalent positions within your workplace.
Here are two critical factors to consider.

1. A clear agreeance of the set KPI's to be measured.  

Yes, you are the boss, I get it - but often your managers' opinion, fresh from the frontline every day may be far more valuable than you thought, or know, and a failure to take into account their ideas for growth is an injustice to your business. 

Managers, this is business - you need to be performing, especially on the numbers you and your boss have agreed upon. The target should be something that you feel you can achieve and hopefully exceed. The opposite of this is dangerous territory -  employees who do not feel like they have security in their job are far more likely to underperform. 

Only the most relevant store-metrics should be revised, trim the fat and agree upon the numbers that honestly matter - this will also help with keeping the process of generating reports simple.

2. Ensure that you have the right technology to gather the information!

Often, businesses get the first part right, but struggle with the metrics because they merely can't obtain the numbers with simplicity and accuracy - a lousy store counter is worthless! 

It can be extremely stressful for managers when the numbers that are making up their KPI's can't even be recorded! 

Not to mention, the numbers that make a retail store tick are important for many operational reasons. Thankfully it is 2018, and this technology is available. 

If you think that your retail operation could be gathering more meaningful statistics, with accuracy, then we have something that will be an absolute game-changer for you.

Our new 3D Store Counter handles all your store metrics, and provides accurate, easy to report on numbers making your store-metric duties an absolute breeze - there's also no limit to the growth that your store can see when the numbers are laid out in front of you with clarity. 

Store-metrics is a simple process for managers in 2018 and beyond, if you would like some more information on our 3D counter, head to this page here. 

As always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with the Instore team :) 

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