Securing the Latest Phones and Tablets In Your Retail Store.

It’s a great time to be alive if you’re a technology lover. Apple release several different variations of the newest iPhones and iPads each year, Samsung keep pace with their Galaxy phone releases with Google Pixel, Nokia and Huwai not far behind. iPads, tablets, Macbooks and laptops are also hot ticket items that customers love to get hands on experiences in store.


The good news for Australian electronic retailers is the tech companies do such a good job with their marketing and keeping society wanting their latest electronic products, retailers will always have an engaged consumer market ready to get hands on with their electronic merchandise.


With this comes the (all too familiar) challenge of retail anti-theft and preventing shoplifters stealing electronic merchandise. Unfortunately, criminals are becoming increasingly audacious with their shoplifting activity, even to the point where groups of youths are storming electronic retailers in smash-and-grab robberies leaving retailers helpless and customers scared for their personal security. Electronic device shoplifting like these have received a lot of publicity in the mainstream media lately.


There are methods that retailers can adopt to protect and secure their electronic merchandise against shoplifting. Retail theft protection offers a range of ways to in-store products with secure phone stands, security tablet stands, retractable wire tether, mechanical phone and tablet locks and more. 


Now, InStore Security have what many are praising ‘Australia’s Most Secure Display Stand’ for phones, tablets and similar electronic devices. The latest Grip Lock Displays are robust anti theft electronic merchandise display holders that secures phones and tablets without impeding the retailers interaction with the merchandise. 


The new Grip Lock Displays have received a major upgrade to stainless steel clamps with increased lock down strength which is superior to previous plastic lock versions and steel wire tether to prevent unwanted removal and stop snatch and run style retail thefts.


For more details, contact our friendly retail anti-theft team for a comprehensive retail security consultation. We’ll listen to your retail asset protection requirements and provide an expert opinion on what electronic merchandise display security stands will suit your retail store. 


Otherwise, please browse the secure electronic merchandise display options on our website or check out our wide range of anti theft retail products that will secure your assets, profits and protect against retail shrinkage. Need to learn more about retail security? We’re trusted by retailers all over Australia, click here to learn more or contact our professional retail anti theft team. 

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